Tyranny & Negligence: A Society in Ruins


A VR experience.

Consisting of 8 vignettes (as of right now) where the viewer is placed into a situation or world. Depicted in each scenes is some act of oppression from the ruling class of white supremacist towards the lower class and various other races. Due to the technology, the project gives the viewer an illusion of choice or freedom to look, gaze, or pay attention to any piece of the world they see fit. If the viewer does not want to watch the fire burn, they can watch the couple photographing it. This sense of the bystander is apparent throughout the project, where the characters are not helping each other, but rather ignoring, watching from a distance, or even photographing. Not only does it talk about perception, gaze, and world issues, but also about technology. Within each scene, technology is being used as a shield to not feel or react to the surrounding situations.