The work I produce is an exploration into the external force dictating our thoughts, actions and behavioral instincts as an individual. Ranging from making actual brainwashing apparatuses to questioning the repercussions of the controlled society, the work relates media, technology, and political systems to puppet masters. 

    Each piece envelopes the idea of personal thought being a farce for society to believe. We, as individuals, think we embody our own beliefs and motivations, but my work suggests otherwise. Someone, or something, is inserting itself into our minds through constant exposure, repetition, or petty tricks. Multiple projects bring the viewer on an exploration to find who, or what system is behind the veil of deceit. Corrupt systems, media, and various industries spend thousands to millions of dollars on advertisements: to entice the general populace in believing/buying/“understanding” whatever it is they are so desperately trying to perceive. 

The work contained in this series wonders what the ramifications are on the individuals. Sometimes, the exploration is much more hidden, as the viewer is now the guinea pig experiencing the brainwashing mechanism, while others draw out a dystopian world filled with empty promises or fear. 

    Brainwashing techniques are very apparent in my video work. With fast transitions and incoherent audio, my goal is to have the viewer immediately relate the subject matter of the piece to brainwashing. Another tactic I have been experimenting with is full immersion of the viewer. Distractions should only be from the piece itself, isolating the viewer from our world. I find the act of agreeing to bare witness to the projects a fascinating choice for the viewer to ask themselves. 

    Books like 1984, The Manchurian Candidate, and Slaughter-house 5 to movies like Children of Men and 2001: A Space Odyssey, are huge inspiration for my visuals and understanding of certain aspects of control and dystopian futures. The book, The Deep State by Peter Dale Scott, has reframed my interpretations of these movies into something much more substantial and grounded in realism. His book ties together conspiracy theories from JFK to 9/11, only fueling my paranoia. The largest portion of inspiration is current or historical events as a basis, then adding an element of manipulation and control into a spectacle art piece.

    My motivation behind making these pieces is drawn from my own paranoia and anxiety towards uncontrollable aspects of life that could be influencing each and everyone of us without even realizing it. From political ideas to media, I tend to question what are my personal likes/dislikes and choices verses what I have been manipulated into believing are from an internal process. I question majority of aspects of life, from whats in our food, to whether or not GMOs really matter. Also, if worrying about these things are from my internal paranoia, or driven by marketing, media, and political movements I fall victim to. 

    Overall, my work is a personal journey into the concept of control from an outside source. How the individual, or me personally, is effected and can learn from the manipulation moving forward in life.